Respodent Club serve?

What is it about and what will the Respodent Club serve?
The Respondent Club is a free, informal association of active citizens who want to participate in the administration, management and development of the city by expressing their opinion, attitude or position on current and strategic issues and problems of the city.
In this way, the citizens of the association in the ReK club also take an active part in the preparation of the strategic plan for the city’s development.

The opinions, attitudes and opinions of club members are ascertained mainly through research questionnaires. The results of the survey are submitted to the city management, which further incorporates them into its materials.
Proposals for research investigations are submitted mainly by the city management, the municipal authority and may also be submitted by representatives, the Board of Directors of the Rek Club and members of the Rek Club.

Every citizen over the age of 18 can become a member of the Respondent Club. Membership in the club will give you the opportunity to participate in all research surveys, get acquainted with individual results, participate in club meetings and general meetings, elect club bodies, propose topics for research and, last but not least, participate in socio-cultural events organized by ReK-club.

The respondent club and its activities are managed by the Board of Directors of the club together with the Club Administration. The development agency of the club was entrusted to the Development Agency VIA, ops Val. Meziříčí, which is also responsible for organizing events, ensuring the activities and operation of the club.
The marketing company MARVIS is a cooperating company in the field of technical assistance, provision of know-how and implementation of research investigations.